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Helping your business bloom

with unique, creative, on-brand digital marketing.


Website Design, SEO, Business Social Media, Newsletters,  Google My Business, Analytics, Targeted Digital Ads & more.

Wild Iris Marketing provides a range of services based on a strategically designed plan to reach your desired audience.

Partnering with experts can save businesses significant time and ensure that marketing and outreach dollars are achieving the best results.
Our objective is to help businesses and non-profit organizations promote their message so they can reach their current & potential clients.

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How We Solve Your Marketing Problems

Wild Iris Marketing understands that each business is different. We do not try to make canned design or content work for you. We differentiate each client’s project to make sure your brand, message and material are all unique to you.

We also know that a delicate balance has to be respected between marketing and budget allocation. We work with each of our clients to examine their current marketing strategy and develop a plan to extend and improve that strategy to get the most impact for those budget dollars. Each client’s needs are different, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how our innovative digital and traditional marketing management techniques can help your business reach the next level.

Latest Blog Posts

computer browser update

Step by Step Instructions for checking for and applying updates in all major web browsers (desktop and mobile)

When a new security flaw or exploit is discovered, browser creators like Google (Chrome), Apple (Safari), Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Edge) and others generally issue updates to correct the problem very quickly. Unfortunately, web browsers don’t automatically check for or download and apply updates continuously, which means there’s a window of time after the flaw becomes

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facebook account theft scam screenshot

Facebook Account Theft – Warning

“Your account will be deleted.”  “Your page will be disabled.” “Your account has been locked.”  “Your page has been reported by someone else.”  You open Facebook (or other social media channels) and see one of these or countless other dire warnings. What now? We are seeing a record number of attempts to perform account theft,

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Cartoon robot

What is AI and How Can I Use it in My Business? (Part One)

Chat GPT. Google Bard. Bing Assistant. Meta’s LLaMA. These are names that are sending shockwaves through different professional and educational communities around the globe because of the potential they have to “turn the industry upside down.” But here’s the thing… As powerful as these tools are, we have to remember that they are only as

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