Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Brooks Place website on multiple sized devices
Brooks Place website on multiple sized devices

We are Your Solution for Digital Marketing for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner or manager, you focus on providing excellent food for your guests. You want to be sure their meal is as they expect and their dining experience is enjoyable. You want to make sure if they are in your dining room or ordering from their phone for carry out, it is a smooth and easy process so they will keep returning. Shifting your focus to digital advertising, social media, or building a website not only takes up your time, but takes you away from your focus: Your guests.

Meet the Wild Iris Marketing team. Our specialization is digital marketing and we work with restaurants from small coffee shops and bakeries to brew pubs and award winning, international cuisine fine dining. Just like we would not try to prepare a formal 5-course dinner for people in your dining room, you probably do not want to design a website or digital marketing campaign to attract them to your establishment. 

Let us help you bring guests to your establishment so you can focus your time and expertise on serving them when they arrive!

Compelling Restaurant Marketing

That Builds Brand Awareness and Brings in the Orders

desktop and mobile friendly websites for restaurant

Customized Websites

  • Designed with your food, beverages, colors, logos, etc.
  • Desktop and mobile friendly to reach the largest audience. 
  • Compliant with ADA regulations to prevent predatory lawsuits.  
  • Customized menu display to highlight house specials, features and options. 
  • Websites as unique as your menu. No formula designs.
  • Stand out from other restaurants with a website that highlights what makes your food, drinks, location and offerings unique. 

Superior SEO

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search.
  • To be competitive you MUST appear early on in Google listings, SEO makes that happen.
  • By fine tuning your verbiage and making sure your website is designed in the way Google wants, your menus and listing shows up closer to the top of the results. 
  • It is essential to stand out from the noise of the internet.
  • This all starts with identifying keywords your clients are searching for and working to improve your ranking for those words.
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coffee shop social media campaign

Business Social Media

  • Unique content created just for you.
  • Not “mass distributed” so your brand and identity are the highest priority. 
  • Content created monthly and scheduled after your review and approval so you do not have to worry about what to post when! 
  • Content is scheduled based on analytic data about your audience to increase views. 
  • An estimated 78% of professionals use social media but the vast majority of them do not use it in a way that successfully increases their business. 

Electronic Menus

  • Your menu needs to appear on your website and it needs to have up to date items, pricing and specials.
  • It is critical that you have a real menu page, not just a pdf or image of the menu. Those can be hard to read and search engines will not identify what you offer.  
  • Google Maps and Google My Business both need to have up to date menus so guests unfamiliar with your location can quickly and easily locate your dining options.  
  • Links to theme menus should appear in your social media channels on a regular basis. 
  • Build brand and name awareness and increase local and transient traffic.
Cell phone with restaurant mobile menu
Real Estate Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

  • Targeted digital advertising is one of the most powerful and cost effective digital marketing tools available today.
  • Highlight your location for those who are not aware of you. 
  • Emphasize what makes your food and beverages unique. 
  • The power of digital advertising means there’s always a fast turn around when something needs to change (much faster than print).
  • A/B testing helps let us know what ad is working so you can move your advertising spending away from the less successful option. 

Grow Your Restaurant Visibility With Digital Marketing

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