Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

The Wild Iris Marketing (formerly AlphaPixel Reach) team hail from diverse backgrounds and that is deliberate! We have expert writers, graphic creators, analytic experts and more! No two clients we serve are the same so why should our team be the same?   

Mindy Hanson founder headshot

Mindy Hanson

Mindy Hanson is the founder of Wild Iris Marketing. She often says she came to digital marketing because no one else wanted to step into the lava pit. Working as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a computer technology company in the 1990’s she saw a need to enter the digital marketing area to get one step ahead of the competition. She developed her first website handwriting HTML code in 1996! She later went to work for small non-profit organizations. It was there she saw the desperate need for budget-friendly, message-driven marketing and outreach. She made it her mission to learn everything she could about these new “social media” channels that were popping up and take full advantage of them to benefit the organizations she was working for. And, Wild Iris Marketing (then AlphaPixel Reach) was born!
Her early experience does not mean her ideas are “old school” or stagnant by any means. Mindy is passionate about staying on top of marketing and general business communication trends. Her ability to bring messages to life and think outside of the usual boundaries makes her clients’ messages unique and impactful. She thrives when working with small businesses and non-profit organizations and prides herself on her ability to optimize their budget.
When Mindy is not working she enjoys traveling, hiking, gardening, reading and having coffee with friends. She is passionate about her community and is an active volunteer and serves on multiple Boards of Directors.

Chris Hanson

CTO Chris Hanson is a technophile with over 40 years of experience with computers. He specializes in graphics, photography and digital media. He has a knack for solving difficult problems effectively and efficiently.

Chris brings years of experience with the “back end” of websites including a thorough understanding and mastery of SSL certificates, DNS records, servers, web mapping and more!   

When not in front of a keyboard he enjoys photography, skiing, bicycling, hiking, solving puzzles and searching for lost and hidden things using logic, science and technology. His goal is to someday ski all seven continents.


Jennifer Parrish

Digital Content Creator and organizational mastermind,  Jennifer Parrish is originally from the great state of Colorado, but she has lived in Kansas, Nebraska, Mississippi and South Carolina. She currently lives in Illinois. She enjoys reading sci-fi, watching Star Trek and going to GenCon. She retired from the Air Force in 2015 after serving for 20+ years. She is now creating custom jewelry and learning more about social media and how it impacts our daily lives.

Kendra Chance

Kendra brings a youthful energy to Wild Iris Marketing and is a vibrant and creative digital content creator. She is a kennel manager and has been working with dogs professionally for eight years. She graduated from SIUE with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. Since she was 13 it has been her goal to own a dog boarding and training facility, and she is bringing this even closer to reality by attending a dog training academy in early 2022. Kendra is an avid K-Pop fan and has even visited South Korea. When possible she enjoys traveling within the United States and abroad. Her hobbies include training her service dog Juno, napping with her cat Greyson, collecting cat-themed items, and creative writing.

Kendra Chance headshot
Bailey Catenazzo headshot

Bailey Catenazzo

Bay is a fun-loving, creative writer providing versatility and nuance as a digital content creator. She attended both SWIC and SIUE obtaining a degree in fine arts with an emphasis in creative writing. She has worked in the thriving art scene of St. Louis for most of her adult life, dabbling in administration and event coordinating along the way. She enjoys visiting galleries and attending musical and visual performances in her spare time.

Christine Hanson

Christine Hanson, is one of our Digital Content Creators. She enjoy what she likes to call ‘the simpler side of life’. She enjoy reading books, listening to music, working on any of her many craft projects, working on puzzles (crossword or jigsaw) or even doing some relaxing coloring in a coloring book. 

People often ask her ‘Why purple hair?’ The answer is simple – It all actually started with some random purple streaks in her hair many years ago, and it just grew from there. Purple is her favorite color, and more often than not her hair has been purple in one form or another for the last 12 years. No big significance other than it’s her favorite color and people have told me that it suits her.

Fun fact, Mindy and Christine went to high school together! They lost contact for many years and reconnected when they accompanied their respective husbands to their high school reunion and realized the guys had been good friends at their school and Christine and Mindy had been friends at our school! Small world. 

Christine Hanson headshot
Michael Trundle headshot

Michael Trundle

Michael performs various SEO optimization tasks for Wild Iris Marketing. He is a UX Writer/Designer certified through General Assembly, and in the long, long ago earned a bachelor’s in creative writing and completed his master’s coursework in literature from University of CO at Denver.

Performing as Boyhollow, Michael is also a well-known DJ & event promoter in Denver. Founding the country’s longest-running indie dance party Lipgloss in 2001, he has opened and shared the stage with numerous legendary acts including New Order, LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, Phoenix, The Cars, DEVO, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chromeo, Peter Murphy, and many more.

In his downtime, he enjoys a good bourbon or rye old fashioned, spending time with his amazing family, and wasting late night hours on frivolous activities like video games.

Macey Parker

Wild Iris is excited to expand our team to include Macey from sunny Queensland, Australia! She has recently completed her studies in Graphic Design, but she has been working as a freelance painter & illustrator since 2020. When she is not working, you’ll probably find her baking, drawing, swimming at the beach, or binging science fiction with her dog, Tintin.

Macey Parker headshot

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