2nd Annual Share the Love Campaign

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One of the more popular meme themes of 2018 was taking ANY problem and having a 40-something year old woman named Karen demand to speak to a manager about it. That really got me to thinking about how people rarely, if ever, demand to speak to a manager when something GOOD happens. The same is often true about reviews. Whether online or in person, people jump to post a review when they are the least bit unhappy, but only make the same effort for positive reviews if they are overwhelmingly blown away.

Imagine what a better understanding of a business you would have if you weren’t just reading the meh, bad, furious and over the top happy reviews, but instead were getting an actual representation of ALL the experiences people have had.

But how do we encourage people who are simply happy to take the time to share their insights? By setting an example for them. If all small business owners were in the habit of sharing their experiences with other small business owners, perhaps this would encourage others to do the same.

Since February generally finds folks preoccupied with Valentines Day, and, as an extension, love, why not spend this month getting into the habit of sharing the love with your peers in the small business world?

So, for the rest of February, I challenge you to share the love with other business who you enjoy working with. Post a review on other pages throughout the month, and maybe they will return the favor! #ShareTheLove

2nd Annual Share the Love Campaign
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