How Do We Work? Wild Iris Marketing Customizes a Plan for Your Business

Wild Iris Marketing works with each client individually. We do not have canned solutions or plans. We do not try to fit your business into a certain “package” of offerings. If you hire a landscaper to make your yard into an oasis, they do not simply offer you two trees, 100 square feet of lawn,[…]

Picture Perfect: Finding Legal Images for Your Marketing

Why is it important to use the right images on your website, social media platforms, and other marketing materials? Thoughtfully chosen and carefully placed, they have the potential to enhance the appearance, increase the usability, and improve the overall experience of your website. Most importantly, the correct images can tell the story of your brand[…]

What are Website Hosting, Managed Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, DNS Services, and Email services, and how do they all relate to each other?

To run a business with a digital presence (Website and Email at a minimum), you need a number of services, and unless you yourself are an internet company, most of them are services you don’t want to undertake doing for yourself. Generally, you will pay another organization to perform them reliably for you. Here, we[…]

What Does the New WGA Contract About AI-Generated Content Mean for the Use of AI-Generated Content in Various Situations?

Why does this matter to businesses? You might be asking why a marketing company is writing a long-form blog post about AI and intellectual property rights. Quite simply, AI tools are exploding across today’s world, with pundits alternatingly announcing the AI-driven salvation or destruction of all we hold dear. Writers, performers, artists and other creators[…]

Step by Step Instructions for checking for and applying updates in all major web browsers (desktop and mobile)

When a new security flaw or exploit is discovered, browser creators like Google (Chrome), Apple (Safari), Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Edge) and others generally issue updates to correct the problem very quickly. Unfortunately, web browsers don’t automatically check for or download and apply updates continuously, which means there’s a window of time after the flaw becomes[…]

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