How is Digital Marketing Like the Autumn Landscape?

a grove of aspen trees with gold leaves

It is autumn. That means the leaves are changing, the temperatures are cooler, the holidays are approaching faster than we may want to admit and soon the snow will be flying. But what does the autumn mean to your business? 

For some of you, business will soon increase with holiday shoppers. For others, things may slow down a bit as people hunker down in their homes during the cooler weather. For others still, your offerings may be in a seasonal transition. 

No matter which of these groups you find yourself in, now is a fantastic time to asses your digital marketing efforts and make sure you are doing the best you can for this time of year in your industry. 

Let me take you on a virtual ride through the Colorado forest for a moment. Imagine you are in your favorite wooded area. Look around you. Do you see aspens? Pine trees? Rocks? All of these play a role in making this place somewhere you want to visit over and over again. Now open your eyes and let’s talk about how your digital presence is that forest. 

The rocks are the foundation of your business and hold up and support your digital marketing presence. The rocks are the answers to the questions every business person asks themself. What do you offer customers? Why are you in the business you are in? What makes you different than anyone else in your industry. These are your brand identity. These are your rocks.  

The pine trees represent the elements of your presence that are consistent and stand strong and stable in all seasons. These are items such as your company name, logo, tag line, etc. They are consistent and remain the same no matter what time of year it is. These are the elements that you want someone to see and recognize no matter where they see them or what time of year it is. These are your pine trees. 

aspen trees are the interest factor in digital marketingThe aspen bring the variety to your mountain location. In the winter they are cold and stark, but still beautiful. In the spring they have light green leaves and buds. In the summer, the leaves get larger and they provide shade from the hot sun. In the fall the leaves become red, orange and yellow. No matter what time of year, the aspen add an extra element of interest and draw people from miles around to your special spot. The changing aspen represent your seasonal messages, information articles, fun tidbits and the other parts of your digital presence that bring people back time and time again to see what is new and interesting.

Think about your business social media, website, electronic newsletter or digital ads. You want to share your mission and brand regularly so people know who you are and what you offer. However, you also need new and engaging content to bring people back time and time again. If every post to social media is a sales pitch, people get bored and tune out. Much like a forest with just pine trees is lovely but after miles and miles of driving through it you lose focus, your social media needs diversity. A rock outcropping (a staff highlight or eye-catching photo), or an aspen grove (an industry-related article or #FridayFun post) can make your digital marketing compelling and keep people coming back to see what is now.    

mountain valley​None of the mountain scene would be as compelling if one element was missing. None of your digital marketing will be as successful without all of the components.    

Call us today to see how we can help you make your digital marketing as incredible as the autumn landscape around us! 


How is Digital Marketing Like the Autumn Landscape?
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