How Large is Your Pebble? How Far Reaching is Your Ripple?

Water drop with ripples expanding

As young children we each dropped pebbles into water and watched the concentric circles work their way out. Growing larger and larger. Maybe the pebble would make a twig move or give a water bug a short ride. Maybe the rock would be large enough that when you dropped it in, it splashed you and your friends before causing larger wave-like ripples. Maybe they would just move outward and diminish but not really impact much around them.

Your marketing goal is to make the largest and most impactful ripple you can with as small a stone as possible. If your ripples are the reach of your message and the stone is your budget, you want to make that budget reach as far as possible.

I frequently describe online marketing as dropping a pebble into a perfectly still pond. When you first drop the pebble, it will impact the surface of the water closest to it. This symbolizes those closest to you and your business. They will actively be watching for your message and will probably see it. As you reach people further and further from your inner circle, the impact begins to diminish and make a smaller impact. You have to either find a larger rock (more budget) or develop a new and creative way to heave the rock into the water to make the ripples stay strong and travel further.

As an online marketing firm, our expertise is helping your ripple reach further than you thought possible. By keeping up on recent trends, limitations, policies and best practices, we can help make sure your budget pebble reaches as far into the pond as possible.

Call us today and let’s talk about how to expand the circumference of your marketing ripple.


How Large is Your Pebble? How Far Reaching is Your Ripple?
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