Navigating Facebook Changes


Facebook is making changes. You are hearing talking heads in the media tell you how it is going to impact your business and personal newsfeeds. But what does it all REALLY mean? How can you continue to reach your Facebook audience? We have some tips and tricks to share.

  1. Provide GOOD content. It is more important now than ever to provide valuable and engaging content. Is there an industry article that is exciting or interesting? Post a link to it with a comment about why it is valuable.
  2. Posting information and material that people can and will respond to is essential. Instead of saying “It is COLD out there, stay warm!” try something like, “What are your favorite ways to enjoy the snow?”. Or “What meals do you like to prepare on cold days?”
  3. Monitor your posts and see what people are responding to. You can easily determine what your viewers want to see and post of that type of material. You may think funny memes are the way to go but if your followers do not respond to them and instead respond to cleaning tips, then the cleaning tips should be your focus.
  4. Ask clients, friends, family and others to interact with your messages. A Like on a post helps, a comment helps more, and a share helps even more! With the new changes favoring people’s news and not organizations and companies, if you have a friend who shares your post, THAT message will not only get the implied backing of your associate, it will also now appear on a person’s page and therefore show up in news feeds.
  5. Stay committed. Social media marketing is NOT going away. It is going to take some new creativity and innovation to get your message out but that is okay. Becoming stagnant is rarely good in any aspect of your business.

Give us a call. We are happy to sit down and talk to you about what you have been doing and what you can do to optimize, and therefore succeed in your Facebook marketing efforts.

Navigating Facebook Changes
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