New Perspectives Lead to New Clients


Take a look at your marketing. Really look at it. View it from the perspective of a potential client, a new client, and a long time client. Are you sending the right message? Are you consistent and current? Can you find new or different ways of reaching out to people to engage them? As you work in your business every day, it might be hard to answer these questions from an outsider’s perspective.

We have been working with a medium sized, service industry business who has been using the same advertising and promotion techniques for multiple years. Their traditional methods bring in customers as does their referral program. However, they were ready to find new ways to grow their business and engaged us to help them do so.

We started with a website clean-up and modernization. They realized that if they were going to be driving potential clients to their site as a sales tool, it needed to represent who they are now, not who they were in the past. The site needed to be easily approachable, highlight what differentiated them from their competition and encourage people to reach out for a bid right away. The bones of what they had were good so we employed a new design concept, updated some information, and modernized their image to really reflect who they are as a company.

Once the new site was live, the owners of the company decided they really wanted to a rework their logo. As with the website, they liked the concept but to them, it felt old and outdated. As they said in one message, “It feels like it represents who we were 10 years ago, not who we have grown to be!” With the help of a trusted graphic designer, we were able to freshen up the logo and the new design expresses who they are and what they offer in a unique and eye-catching way.

The next step was to ramp up their social media presence. We discussed the importance of presenting social media that was engaging and interesting and not daily sales pitches. They loved the idea of presenting a tip or trick each week to help their clients out. They saw that it was a way to increase their following (who doesn’t want tips and tricks!) but also a  way to present themselves as industry leading experts in their field. We also included some industry-specific humor, uplifting industry related articles and some sales related posts.

The most recent addition to their campaign was to run some social media advertisements. Extremely well placed and targets ads reached the same number of people as their postcards for a fraction of the cost. The response rate was three times higher than industry or social media averages (and FAR higher than their traditional media channels) and potential clients began contacting them almost immediately for bid requests. They have been able to cut their advertising costs nearly in half and reach more potential clients every week!

So, the new website and logo cleaned up the image that online audiences see. The social media campaign began to grow the industry awareness of the company. The social media ads drove people to the website and moved them from people to prospects. The new perspective they gained from really examining their marketing gave them the information needed to make positive changes that showed immediate returns on their investment.

If you want help examining your online presence, website, social media or promotion reach out to us. We can work with you to develop a program to fit your individual needs.


New Perspectives Lead to New Clients
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