Paying it Forward to Non-Profits

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We love working with non-profits! We work with many organizations to enhance their online presence, update (or start from scratch) their website, expand their social media, grow their event attendance and increase fundraising!

We are coming up on our two year anniversary of AlphaPixel Reach, although everyone on our team has been in the industry FAR longer than that! Our client base is growing quickly and we are excited to continue this amazing journey.

To celebrate our success, we want to pay it forward to a non-profit each quarter. Starting June 1 we will select one non-profit per quarter to work with free of charge for 90 days to enhance their social media presence and help them expand their reach.

If you work with or know of a non-profit who needs help with their social media, post their information here and we will consider them for the following quarter. Nominations for this first round are due no later than May 15! Please send us an email or contact us through Facebook to nominate your favorite non-profit!

Paying it Forward to Non-Profits
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