Small Town Gossip is Now Worldwide Chatter

Green Bean Casserole

In the days of June Cleaver and Carol Brady, people in small towns would chat in the grocery store or across the fence between their yards. You might learn that a neighbor was ill and determine what type of casserole to deliver. You might learn that your child was seen (gasp) holding hands as they walked to school with a classmate. You might discuss happenings in the community or at the YMCA in the upcoming weeks that you planned to attend. You may call a friend from across town and sit, tethered to the kitchen wall by the phone cord as you leisurely enjoyed your morning mug of coffee.

Today things are slightly different.

Now we connect with neighbors via Facebook Neighborhood Groups where you have an event scheduled so everyone can RSVP and tell you what microbrew they will be bringing. Our children are Instagraming and Snapchatting so often we become suspicious when they are quiet. We know what all our friends are doing, where they are vacationing and where they have eaten dinner through Facebook posts and Tweets. Your phone call may still happen but odds are it is right after you have gone through a coffee shop drive through and you chat on your handsfree as you drive through rush hour traffic. The message about the ill neighbor is now a GoFundMe campaign and donations are rolling in from around the world.

With all this said, your business or non-profit can not longer rely on the old techniques to get your messages out. You need to find new and creative ways to reach your target. Social media and websites are two tools you can use but we can show you others that work as well. Reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss what might work for your specific needs.

Small Town Gossip is Now Worldwide Chatter
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