Why are Facebook and Twitter Important?

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I do not have to tell you that technology is everywhere in our society today. We have all seen people on their phones while they are at lunch with a friend. Everyone has been in a meeting when someone was completely “checked out” because they are instant messaging, checking Facebook or online shopping. As annoying as this can be, you can take advantage of people’s constant need to be “up to date”.

Did you know that:

There are approximately 1.75 billion active Facebook users worldwide. There are approximately 317 million active Twitter users worldwide.

90%  of all users log on daily.

Every minute around the world, nearly 300,000 statuses are updated and 136,000 photos are uploaded.

Facebook and Twitter are the fastest-growing forms of communication in the world. They are no longer just something kids do to keep in touch with their friends on their minute to minute activities. They are a source for news, product and company reviews and information. They are a way to promote your business and grow your customer base. Your customers and clients turn to social media to find out where to get an appliance fixed, where to get a gift, where to go out to eat or what kind of product to purchase. If you are not an active participant in social media, your customers are being exposed to your competition’s message daily and missing yours.

Facebook and Twitter “rules” are always changing. Understanding what needs to be done to get your posts seen is critical. Simply asking customers to “Like” or “Follow” you does not mean they will see your posts. Posts have to meet certain criteria to be seen and those criteria change frequently. A social media expert optimizing your posts can ensure that your message will reach the widest audience possible and allow you to really benefit from the 700 minutes per month the average user spends on social media.




Why are Facebook and Twitter Important?
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