Hail to the Social Media Win

Mindy Hanson

Social media can work in ways you may never have imagined.

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas for a brainstorming and business meeting with industry colleagues. As we were strolling through one of the malls we saw a Commander in Chief podium just inside a shop window. Of course, there was a line of people wanting to take their picture standing behind it. I jumped in line and as I waited (only a brief moment) I realized it was a brilliant social media campaign.

Attract people who are in your area with a compelling photo opportunity. When they take the picture they will probably post it to social media and either check in or tag your location. Others will see they were there and may want a similar photo. As visitors stand in line, they can see what your location has to offer and possibly make a purchase or engage your services. You are gaining notoriety as a business who provides an interesting product.

In this particular case, the store sold humerous political shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and other gift items aimed at both sides of the political aisle. I watched as the photo-takers posted the pictures to their social media profiles and then looked around the store and made purchases.

In this case, the “set” with the podium drew people in to the shop, their photos advertised the business and their purchases increased revenue. A win all the way around!

What fun and unique opportunity can you offer potential or current clients that would provide this kind of return? Let’s brainstorm together.

Hail to the Social Media Win
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