Niagra Falls or a Pre-Printed Signature?

AlphaPixel Reach Social media - Eclipse image

One of the challenges in business is figuring out how to make your particular message stand out from all the other messages.

Think about it this way, when you receive yet another generic Christmas card with the only a signature (hand written or worse, pre-printed),  do you really remember it a week, a month, or year later? On the other hand, if you receive a Christmas card that is a family photograph with Mom, Dad and the kids standing on the bow of a boat with Niagara Falls behind them, that one you probably remember!

So how do you make your website or social media, or other marketing messages the Niagara photograph and not the generic Christmas card? The trick? Presenting a unique or interesting perspective. The old cliche is applicable, think outside the box. Don’t do the norm or the expected but do something unique to you.

Staff from AlphaPixel Reach recently had the opportunity to travel to Wyoming to view the total eclipse. We could have taken photographs of the sun completely blocked by the moon with a ring of light around it. However, as a marketer and social media expert, we decided to do something a little bit differently. We found a spot that had unique and interesting landscape elements that we could use to frame the Moon and Sun. Our photograph was not just one of many (stunning but similar) images, but as you can see is unique to itself. It’s the Niagara Falls photograph.

So what can you do to stand out among the same message from all your competitors? Think about what makes your offerings unique, different, and special. Let us help you determine how you too can have the landscape eclipse or the Niagara Falls Christmas card picture and not just the generic Christmas card with a pre-printed message.

Niagra Falls or a Pre-Printed Signature?
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