Kindness Matters… And Can Grow Your Business

No Limits Coaching website visible on a laptop screen in a coffee shop[

I had multiple meetings lined up in Denver one day last week so I was working in a coffee shop between them. As I finished a phone call and started typing away on my laptop, a young lady came over and asked if I was using a Mac. I told her it was a PC but asked if I might be able to help her. 

USB-C power cordTurns out she was mid-interview for a job and her laptop battery was just about to die and she did not have a power cord. I happened to have a spare USB-C (universal) charger I was able to loan her to charge her Mac so she could finish her call. 

When she was done, she brought my power cord back and offered to buy me a coffee. I had already had multiple so I I told her to pay it forward. We chatted briefly and she noticed a client project on my screen and asked what I do. 

It turns out, her new job (that she just interviewed for) might very well need our services! She asked for my card, thanked me for my help and went on her way. 

So, best case is we got a new client from a coffee shop interaction. Worst case, I helped a stranger land a new job!

What can you do today to help out a stranger and possibly make a new business connection? How can you be seen in public that will make the world a better place and maybe even grow your business?    

Kindness Matters… And Can Grow Your Business
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