New Year Digital Marketing Check Up

Digital Marketing Check Up

Article written by Wild Iris Marketing team member Mindy Hanson.

The start of a new year is full of new possibilities and opportunities. Resolutions to eat healthier, exercise, get more sleep, and spend time with family are all high on our lists of personal priorities. We buy more produce, join a gym, make a doctor’s appointment and more to set ourselves up for a successful year. 

What are you doing to set your business up for a successful year? Many people create budgets, join new industry organizations and set out plans and goals. We highly suggest you make a Digital Marketing check up part of your new year planning. 

There are many tasks that can be included in this check up but here is a fast and easy 5 step digital marketing check up you can perform yourself to get going! 

Before you begin anything new, make sure the digital marketing efforts you have in place are working for you and there aren’t mistakes or omissions sabotaging your hard work.

  1. Check your forms! If you have a form, subscription or email link on your website, fill it out and make sure it actually works and the information makes it to you. If not, you are probably losing leads and possible clients. 
  2. Check your Google Analytics and Google Search Console and make sure they are set up and collecting data about website traffic. Even if you do not use this now, the sooner you begin collecting data, the better off you will be when you do want to use it! Plus, this is a good source of information to see how many people are visiting your website on an ongoing basis.
  3. Check your Google My Business listing. If you have not claimed your listing, do that! There is no charge to do this through Google and having it claimed is a good way to help people find you and can improve your SEO ranking too! 
  4. Check all of the industry, Chamber of Commerce and other business websites where you have a listing. Make sure the listings are up to date and accurate. Is there anything you want to add or remove? Did you pivot your business during Covid? Are you listing the products and services your customers are seeking in 2022?
  5. Check your business social media pages. Are they up to date with the correct info? Are your hours, website, phone number and other information accurate?

Obviously, there is more to a comprehensive digital marketing check up but we highly recommend you start with these five tasks and then move on from there. If you need help with any of these or you want to look at putting together a digital marketing plan to fit YOUR business needs, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

New Year Digital Marketing Check Up
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