Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Painting of King Lear

Shakespeare said in the play King Lear, “Perfect is the enemy of good.”

We have learned that lesson the last few weeks as we updated our own webpage.  We have spent weeks adjusting, editing and fidgeting with our site as we worked on client sites. We have wanted the site to be “perfect” so that people viewing it can appreciate that we are professionals and we know what we are doing. The problem? All the while, our old website was what potential clients were seeing and it was not nearly as good as the new site we was trying to perfect. We were our own worst critics and no matter how many times we held the website overnight to look at it “one more time in the morning”, we was never going to be completely satisfied.

We often remind clients that if they are happy with a social media campaign, a website, an event plan or another project we are working on, that we can always edit. We can always make changes, edits and alterations. However, at some point you have to acknowledge that what you have in place is ready to release for the world to see.  We were forgetting this advice.

One client recently wrote to us and said, “I thought my website was good but there were still changes I wanted to make. You suggested we release it as it was and then make minor edits. You were sooooo right! The feedback we have gotten has been spectacular and has blown my mind. Now I know it is perfect and I do not want to touch a thing!”

So, with all of this said, we present to you our new AlphaPixel Reach website. It may not be “perfect” but it is darn good and we can fine tune it as we go forward.

Perfect is the Enemy of Good
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