Stay Dynamic

Sparks at night.

Have you ever caught yourself staring into the campfire or looking at a fireplace and just watching as the flames jump and dance? Always changing and somehow drawing you in? Fire is dynamic!

Dynamic according to Webster’s Dictionary means:

1a :  of or relating to physical force or energy.

2a :  marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change dynamic city

3a:  requiring periodic refreshment of charge in order to retain data

Having an outdated or inactive web page or social media account is often times worse than not having anything at all. Stale websites get fewer visitors and stagnant social media pages attract fewer followers. It is widely accepted in the sales and marketing world that it usually takes at least three encounters with your company or product for a client to decide to interact with you. Social media and websites are excellent ways to increase exposure to your client but they are FAR more effective if they are dynamic.

Social media posts do not have to occur daily or even every two days but going for extended periods of time between posts can lead people to think you are no longer engaged or active in your business. Additionally, a dynamic social media account provides a reason for people to return. One of our clients is a cleaning company and they post a simple cleaning tip to the Facebook page every week. It may be as simple as how to clean a hairbrush but it is informative and therefore keeps people interested and engaged. If someone does not need cleaning services now but follows the page for the helpful tips, you can be assured they will remember and contact that company when they need cleaning down the road.

Having an out of date web site can provide old information such as pricing or services or goods offered. Providing inaccurate information means that your first contact with a potential client is going to be having to correct their perception of your business. For example, if you were offering a $99 car detail special last month and it is still listed on your web site and on social media, you will have people call wanting to take advantage of the offer and you will either have to honor it or tell them it is not valid and the price is now $149. If you had posted an updated note on your social media page and updated your website, the business relationship would not have started out awkwardly. A dynamic site can list current specials along with regular pricing and company offerings.

Dynamic online presence for your company could be the difference between someone hearing of you once versus seeing you a few times and remembering you when they have a need you can fulfill. Give people a reason to be drawn in. Be dynamic!


Stay Dynamic
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