What Do Grumpy Cat and The Emoji Movie Have to Teach You?

Smiley face, kitty

How can you deny that social media and internet memes are becoming part of our daily lives?

First, a cat scowls at the camera and his owner takes pictures and posts them to Youtube and Facebook. The next thing we know, Grumpy Cat is on The Late Show, Good Morning America and in a feature film that was actually in theaters and did not go straight to video! We had Grumpy Cat stuffed animals, backpacks, coffee mugs, and clothing. Heck, I even saw Grumpy Cat lingerie at a bridal shower!

The simple colon and parenthesis that began in the 1990s as a way to “smile” in an email or letter has morphed into a bright yellow guy with a million facial expressions and movements. There are happy, sad, annoyed, grateful and countless others including the infamous poop. And now these goofy icons have a movie of their own as well. Kids (and some adults) are flocking to the theater to watch these “characters” tell a story on the big screen. It is only a matter of time before you see them on school supplies and bed sheets.

So how does this impact you? Other than having to deal with cat memes and dancing happy faces, it proves how impactful a great idea can be. You may not have the next multi-million dollar cat but if your blog, meme, story, quote or tip receives even a small fraction of that attention, your business will benefit greatly!

So think outside the box and always be open to ideas that may seem completely out in left field!

What Do Grumpy Cat and The Emoji Movie Have to Teach You?
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