Change is in the Air — Time for a Digital Marketing Change?

colorful fall leaves

“Autumn asks that we prepare for the future —that we be wise in the ways of garnering and keeping. But it also asks that we learn to let go—to acknowledge the beauty of sparseness.”

~ Bonaro W. Overstreet

It is the first day of Fall. Leaves may have already started to change color around you, preparing for their inevitable plunge to the ground below.  But leaves aren’t the only thing changing right now. Temperatures are changing, which leads to changing the clothes you wear, and changing the thermostat from cool to heat. 

Your clients are going through the same adjustment to the weather you are. That means you are your own best source of information in regards to what pieces of your business could be adapted to make the transition to Autumn easier for everyone. We are all creatures of habit. As we go about our routines every day, we start to lose focus on the path we know by rote, and instead utilize our time thinking about what else we need to accomplish during the day.  But when the leaves change color, that brings our attention back to the path we are traveling. If only for a moment, it reminds us to appreciate what’s around us, and it reengages us with our environment.

Do you change your menu/offerings/services on a seasonal basis?  Do you offer seasonal specials or discounts?  Maybe you even redecorate your brick and mortar location to reflect the colors that are erupting all around us. Changes like this give us the opportunity to re-engage with our customers. Your presence in their lives is a comfortable part of the path they travel every day.  So, making a change to your front windows can grab their attention and remind them that they need to stop by.

As you prepare yourself and business for Fall’s impending changes, you should take some time to look at your digital marketing as well. You might find something that could benefit from a seasonal refresh. It can help just as much as a change to a storefront can. Your digital presence is your Internet storefront, afterall. When we see the same social media posts, newsletter styles, and website information, it’s comfortable. But comfortable isn’t engaging.

Think about updating your Google “My Business” listing. Send out an updated newsletter and highlight any new information or offerings you might have. Take a good look at your social media. Has it settled into a common, comfortable, predictable pattern? Maybe making some changes to your messaging, or even your entire digital strategy will be the burst of color that grabs your long time customers’ attention again, bringing you to the forefront of their minds.

Services and offerings are changing pretty rapidly right now thanks to evolving social distancing policies. Sometimes updates to your digital presence can get deprioritized because of the need to adapt. Making seasonal changes and updates to your digital marketing strategy a part of your annual marketing plan also ensures that you give everything a good once over a few times each year. Make sure all your information is up to date. Have your hours changed? Do you have upcoming specials? What new information isn’t reflected online?  

AlphaPixel Reach can help you make sure that your virtual identity stays fresh, and up to date so that your business, like the golden leaves on that aspen tree outside your window, re-engages your customers and reminds them of what you provide that makes their lives better.

Change is in the Air — Time for a Digital Marketing Change?
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