Managed Hosting to the Rescue

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Article written by Wild Iris Marketing team member Chris Hanson.

Why do you want Managed website hosting from Wild Iris Marketing?

Because when things go wrong, we are here to help you make them right. Recently we repaired a large, Colorado nonprofit organization’s website (who has Managed Hosting through us) that had inadvertently had all of its images deleted by an untrustworthy plugin the client was testing out without our knowledge. When our client called us, we answered immediately and got right to work assessing the options. With multiple layers of daily and weekly onsite and offsite backups available, we could have just rolled back the entire website to the prior day’s snapshot, but we didn’t want to lose good changes and additions that had been made in the meantime. So, we manually restored only the affected files from our offsite backup archives, and within the hour the website was repaired, and hadn’t lost any new content.

Most major web hosts will make it as difficult as possible to get a human on the telephone at any hour, and then you will need to go through a script of inapplicable questions and tests (“have you tried rebooting your computer?”) before they realize what the problem is and try to solve it. And even then, most of the time all they can offer is a complete rollback of the entire site from a backup that could be days old.

That’s the Wild Iris Marketing managed web hosting difference.

Managed Hosting to the Rescue
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