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birds with hearts between them drawingIf nothing else, 2020 has shown the world just how important it is to care for each other. It showed us the necessity of being concerned for each other’s welfare. And most importantly, it taught us just how fragile our local businesses can be, and just how much they contribute to our well being.

I think we should expand on that last bit, though. It’s not enough just to shop locally. Sure, it’s SUPER important to do that, but if we aren’t actively singing the praises of the businesses in our communities who make our lives just that much better, then how do we help them grow, so they can keep on doing what they do?

Think about how many local gems you have discovered because a friend told you about them. Consider how many of those gems you would have actually tried if you’d not had a recommendation? Why go to hole in the wall diner for breakfast when Known Quantity Big Chain is right around the corner delivering a product that we know won’t be all THAT disappointing.

Being part of a community carries responsibility. Not only must we support that community’s businesses, but we need to share information with our friends and neighbors so they understand how they should be supporting them, too.

Outside of Black History month, February is focused primarily on Groundhogs and Valentines. Two things that are cute, but in the long run don’t contribute much to the local economy (unless you happen to live in Punxsutawney). So let’s sharpen our focus for the rest of February and help build up the reputations of the local businesses that make your day-to-day life a little better. Post reviews extolling their virtues and highlighting the things that make them special.  And if you have your own local business? Celebrate your neighbors and leave some love on their pages throughout the month. And maybe they will be inclined to love you right back!


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