Smiley face, kitty

What Do Grumpy Cat and The Emoji Movie Have to Teach You?

How can you deny that social media and internet memes are becoming part of our daily lives? First, a cat scowls at the camera and his owner takes pictures and posts them to Youtube and Facebook. The next thing we know, Grumpy Cat is on The Late Show, Good Morning America and in a feature film that

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Sparks at night.

Stay Dynamic

Have you ever caught yourself staring into the campfire or looking at a fireplace and just watching as the flames jump and dance? Always changing and somehow drawing you in? Fire is dynamic! Dynamic according to Webster’s Dictionary means: 1a :  of or relating to physical force or energy. 2a :  marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change a dynamic city 3a: 

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sample image of an Editorial calendar

Social Media Content Calendar

Calendars. Most of us use them in one way or another to keep track of our activities and plans. Have you considered using a social media content calendar? There are three primary and very important reasons we suggest using a content calendar: Organization  -Putting together a social media content calendar will help make sure your

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6 degrees of separation

Six Degrees of Social Media

With websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat we have the ability to connect with clients and friends from around the world. You may think that because you sell fine teapots, your clients are generally not shopping online and spending time on social media. That might be true but you are literally within a friend

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blue button with text "Add a button"

Tuesday Tip -June 20, 2017

This week’s tip is Facebook related. On your business page, make sure your blue Call to Action button is set up. You can do it in three easy steps that take less than one minute, and will give current and potential clients a way to contact you immediately. 1. Go to your Page’s cover photo

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Life is happening outside your screen

Keep Your Eyes on Your Business But Your Ears on Your Community

Tunnel Vision. It can be excellent for the times you need to focus on a particular task or project. However, if you focus all of your attention on your business you may well be missing out on opportunities and threats that are around to you. For example, we recently helped a small business who was trying

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Delegate, chalkboard image

The Delegation Equation

Let’s face it, budgets are limited. So, what can you do to make the most of the money and time you have? One word we use with many clients is “delegate”.  It is difficult (if not impossible) for one person to do everything and do it well. Outreach (social media, website development, email and eBlasts, newsletters

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Green Bean Casserole

Small Town Gossip is Now Worldwide Chatter

In the days of June Cleaver and Carol Brady, people in small towns would chat in the grocery store or across the fence between their yards. You might learn that a neighbor was ill and determine what type of casserole to deliver. You might learn that your child was seen (gasp) holding hands as they

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Facebook thumbs up

Facebook Rules are Changing

Just when we all thought we had Facebook figured out, they are changing the rules! New algorithms are being put into place as I type that will determine who sees your posts and when. As a business person or non-profit manager, you do not have the time to worry about what you need to do

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Shoemaker at work

The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes….

Much like the cobbler’s children having no shoes, our Articles and Blog page was neglected as we worked with clients on their own articles and blogs. But, we are back and ready to provide you with interesting information and perspectives! Check back often.

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facebook logo, blue

Why are Facebook and Twitter Important?

I do not have to tell you that technology is everywhere in our society today. We have all seen people on their phones while they are at lunch with a friend. Everyone has been in a meeting when someone was completely “checked out” because they are instant messaging, checking Facebook or online shopping. As annoying

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